Friday, September 23, 2016

Chrysanthium Care

Secrets of Success in Chrysanthemum Care (Mums):

Potted mums have become popular in recent years.
Locally we sell potted mums in the fall.
1. These plants like 50-60 degrees F.
2. Bright Light except keep shaded during mid-day sun
3. Keep compost soil moist at all times. Mist leaves occasionally.

*Will bloom for 6-8 weeks in pots.

You may transplant them into your garden and enjoy them for years to come.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Spring Bulbs

Most people rush to their favorite garden center and purchase their bulb gardens so they can start enjoying spring. What most people don't know is the permanent uses of spring bulbs around the yard and garden.

1. Spring bulbs have been used for years to attract early pollinators for their fruit trees and other plants.

2. Spring bulbs prevent erosion before other plants sprout up when the spring run off is at its worst.

3. Spring bulbs draw valuable nutrients up from the soil so other plants can use them.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Poinsettia Care

Not many people choose to keep their Poinsettia alive after the holidays. But if you’re a green thumb like me, keeping plants alive is a hobby.  Here are some simple instructions to keep your Poinsettia alive and healthy.

LIGHTING: Poinsettia’s prefer bright indirect light. The south or east facing windows are best for this.

TEMPERATURE: Poinsettia’s prefer 65-75 degrees and do not like cool air, drafts, or breezes. Touching the window in a cold region can cause leaf damage. Drafts can cause plant to die early.

WATERING: Poinsettia’s need to have good drainage and be well watered. Take the plastic wrap off your plant as soon as you get it home. Only allow the top portion of the soil to dry out through March. You may have to water daily or mist it daily to keep it happy.

About APRIL start allowing soil to completely dry between watering. If your plant has a stem that starts to shrivel, it is stressed out. After two weeks of decreasing the watering, your plant should be acclimated to reduced watering schedule and it is time to move it to a dark, cool location: 60 degrees, like a garage or basement.
*Continue watering when soil gets dry and watch for new growth. When new growth appears, add an all in one fertilizer to the water.

In MAY, about one month after moved to dark, cool location: cut stems back 4 inches and repot in slightly larger container with new potting soil.

During JUNE, move Poinsettia outside to a partially shaded area.

In JULY, cut stems back again so they will not get tall and spindly. This also trains stems to grow strong.

In AUGUST, move plant back indoors continuing with water/fertilizer schedule. Do this until

OCTOBER 1: In order to get your Poinsettia to bloom around Christmas time, you need to help modify the light. Either move Poinsettia to a closet or set a box over it from 5pm – 8am. Continue this treatment till the last week of November when you can allow the Poinsettia to be by South/East facing window till Christmas. Quit fertilizing about two weeks before Christmas.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015


At first glance you might think that purchasing the bottom picture is the better deal. Deep red roses, elegantly designed and for only half the price of the arrangement on top, right? However, understanding the description can be the difference between a happy customer and a very disappointed customer. This simple description of “Orientation: all around” is a sneaky way of saying trick photography. They use a computer to pull all the roses to the front of the vase, making it appear fuller when in reality it only has ½ as many roses as the top arrangement. While the top arrangement has 24 roses and is an actual photo of the product a customer would see when it arrives. If you take the time to look at the two, the upper arrangement also is adorned with eucalyptus, bear grass, green leaves, and miniature white flowers as well. The bottom arrangement only has the roses and green leaves. All too often customers order the less expensive set of roses and complain when their loved one receives it because it did not look like the photo on the internet.

Love is forever & always. Valentine's Day may be over, but love is not intended for just one day per year. Two times a lady will let your sweetheart know how much you care no matter what day it is. This is the perfect gift for birthdays & anniversaries.
  • As Shown : CFS-77
  • Price $149.95


For classic romance, a dozen red roses is always the perfect choice.
One dozen long-stemmed red roses in a clear glass vase.
Approximately 20" W x 24" H
Orientation: All-Around
  • As Shown : TF31-1
  • Price $79.95


Monday, November 30, 2015

Proper Ways to Thank Your Wedding Vendors

Pleasantly plump with the feast of Thanksgiving and Christmas drawing near, sets a wonderful atmosphere of holiday cheer and giving thanks. If you were just married this year, or are getting married soon, there is no better way to give Thanks to the people who strive to make your dream day a reality. Here are a few ways to show your vendors gratitude for making your wedding day a dream come true.

1. HAND-WRITTEN notes. Taking the time to write a note the old-fashioned way: by hand shows lasting appreciation for the work your vendors did on your special day. Be specific by telling them exactly what they did that you loved — these details show your words are heartfelt and sincere.

2. Leave them a glowing review. After all the emails, calls, brainstorming sessions, and time each vendor spent making sure your day was a dream come true, you should spend time writing out a thoughtful testimonial for each. The world deserves to know just how awesome your photographer or florist is! Look them up on Yelp and any wedding boards, and submit a rating and a review. Your first-hand experiences are important with the growing online social media and blogs to help build their reputation.

3. Refer them to your friends. Word-of-mouth is still the best way to grow a business. If you were happy with your vendors work, do them the favor of telling everybody you know. This is one of the best ways to show appreciation. Is your BFF or co-worker getting married shortly after your wedding? As they're starting to look around at various vendors, suggest that they reach out to your makeup artist or band. Your friends will love getting the personal recommendation (it saves them time of researching tons of vendors and it's less risky than going into an initial meeting blind), and your favorite vendors will appreciate the new business.

4. Ask your venue to list them as a preferred vendor. Another way to give back to your vendors after all they did for you is to get their name out there. If your venue offers its clients a list of vendors they like to work with, ask if some of your favorites can be included in the future. This is an easy way to get your vendors the attention they deserve!

5. Get your wedding featured on a blog. Submit your professional photos to a wedding blog like Loverly, Wedding Wire, or Borrowed and Blue to make sure all of your vendors, from the hair designer, to the seamstress who made sure your dress fit perfectly, are credited (website and all) in the post. Other engaged couples can see your vendors' work, fall in love with it, and then know exactly how to get in touch with them.

6. Send photos of their work. Pictures are worth a thousand words, so make sure to send your vendors a snapshot of their work at your wedding! Talk to your photographers before your wedding day and let them know that you'd like a few shots of everything from your flowers to your cake. Make sure to pose with your DJ or take a close-up of the subtle details your hairstylist worked into your big day. Sending them a professional photo of their work will let them see how they contributed to your wedding, and will help them build their portfolio. They'll be so thankful that they can show off their great work to future clients.

7. Give them return business. There's no better way to show how grateful you are than by entrusting your vendors with your events after the wedding. Does your hairstylist work at a nearby salon? Start going there for regular trims and touchups. Order roses for Valentine's Day from your florist. Ask your photographer to take your family's annual holiday card photo. Your vendors will be flattered by your loyalty!