Wednesday, July 29, 2015

How to Make an African Violet Terrarium

There are three ways in which you can enjoy foliage without tons of upkeep.

1. The first is the cheapest way and that is through purchasing silks, aka faux foliage. These are fake plants which look like real ones. When purchasing silks, the price really determines the quality. So I would not order online. I would visit several stores to see their silk collection. Dollar stores are the worst for real looking plants.  For the local Bozeman area I suggest Country Flower located at 720 West Main Street.

2. The second way to enjoy foliage without the constant maintenance is to lease or hire a plant maintenance person. This can be quite expensive. There are a host of plant maintenance people around. Country Flower does offer plant maintenance contracts for businesses.

3.  The third way to enjoy foliage with low maintenance and cost is through a terrarium and that is what this article is about. To start you need to acquire:

Clear container
Pebbles or coarse sand
Activated charcoal
African Violets & Moss
*You may also need a LONG tamper, 2 grippers; depending on the type of terrarium.

If you can either click the link to watch a video (about 10 minutes) or read the instructions!

1. Clean your container with 50% diluted vinegar water.
2. Add a small layer of pebbles or coarse sand for drainage
3. Add layer of charcoal
4. Add soil
5. Add your plants and moss.

*If you are putting terrarium against a wall, then put your taller plants toward the back.
*If you are putting terrarium in center of room, put the African Violet in the center and lay the moss around the outer edges. Remember the tall plant will be the focal point. In this particular case, the African Violet is the focal point.

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